Afghanistan’s Childrens Dying

As an Afghan Youth my message to the world, and Muslim countries is: Afghan children are dying of hunger!
Do the Afghan children deserve this? Just because they are AFGHAN? Why Afghan children should be sacrifice of politic game? The games they never know how to play, the game that shapes their fortune, the game that decides for them to be alive or dead. The players of this game is having a luxury life and their children are having the best life. Do the Afghan children not deserve that life too?

This is not justice!

We are not asking for a luxury life for our children because our children have no right to happiness since we were born AFGHAN… the world’s most unfortunate nation!
We also do not request the return of anything taken from us… BUT
My request is that every human being in the world, regardless of religion, nationality, or color, lend a helping hand to our children. Children who have never lived a peaceful life, neither their parents nor themselves (dr. Ebadulloh Afghanistan)


Abdurrahman Anton Minardi
Empathy Foundation