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Hi companion,

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I just planned to capture you an easy information to say thank you for responding to all my personal concerns – We have your website back at my Chrome beginning club today and love checking out most of the articles (and my personal video game features enhanced many).

I obtained your blog address from over at mASF in which i article periodically under Lachstar; if you have some free time, I would like to notice your thinking on Neo-Rio’s manwhore model of video game, which looks both directly in opposition to your thing (for the reason that it appears cool and unpassioned, whereas yours is hot and providing) plus free (getting the ladies to pursue him, etc). I have been checking out some about his style of online game and I possess some blended emotions about this. Like – where does the guy get their affection from? He would get their intimate needs came across, for sure, but love might possibly be difficult to get merely becoming a whore for girls.

In any event, many thanks once more, and if you want to react to my mail or publish it somewhere in your weblog, either is useful. Can’t wait for the book!



Thank you for authorship, Lachstar. Lach increases some fascinating questions right here. He’s talking about a poster (Neo-Rio) over on a seduction message board called mASF, who’s got a method of seduction that Lach talks of as rather cold. This post is created as a reply to Lach’s mail, detailing my applying for grants Neo-Rio’s strategy and exactly what differences and similarities occur between his and my undertake seduction.